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Lead sports activities that lead to promoting the practice of soccer as a discipline, developing and improving the qualities of each athlete.


 Establish ourselves as an educational and recreational institution recognized for its social commitment to the comprehensive training of sports talent for soccer in Wisconsin Dells and surrounding areas.

Pelé: «The harder the victory, the greater the happiness of winning»

Club History

The Dells International Soccer Club was founded in 2019 by coach Ernesto Arias with more than 7 years of experience as a coach in The Destroyer Soccer League in the Lake Delton / Wisconsin Dells region. He has a successful history of athletic development training, athletic program management, recruiting, and talent development in high school, junior college, and adults.

Our goal as a club is to develop a stable youth soccer career for players of all ages, at different levels of play, Soccer Leagues, Tournaments, Training and Visions.

Soon Dells International Volleyball League 2020 will include teams for each gender, which will compete in a preliminary round. There will be a leaderboard in all groups with the best teams at the end of the Preliminary Round joining the hosts for the Finals.

Soccer Academy

Soccer Academy is committed to year round, full service soccer education to players of all ages and ability levels.


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For more information about the Club, follow us on our social networks where you can find the best content, information on nearby activities and official announcements.

Phone: (608) 408-9822

E-mail: contact@dellsinternationalsoccer.com

Address: S2493 Giebel Ct, Baraboo, WI 53913.



Dells International Soccer Players

Soccer Player Profile

goalie dells international
matthew makowski dells international
yago alvarez dells international
Alekzander Makowski Dells International
Deyan Antonov Dells International
Anthony Juarez Dells International
Maximilian Makowski Dells International
Sergio Garcia Dells International

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With soccer 365 days a year, leagues, camps, clinics, tournaments and much more.
S2493 Giebel Ct, Baraboo, WI 53913, EE.UU.
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