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We’re glad to have this little space for those people who want to learn or improve soccer skills! 

We’ll check what soccer level you have (basic, medium, advance), according with this small evaluation we’ll work in the best training according with your skills. 

Monday 6:00pm to 7:00pm 

Woodside Wisconsin Dells Center and Dome


Our soccer training method is unique compared to a traditional team setting. 
We provide individual attention to our players by analyzing their specific technique faults and offer ways to optimize their skills. 
We also prepare our drills and exercises that demand levels of cognitive function to challenge their mental skill as well. Soccer is indeed a game of thinking ahead and being a step ahead of your opponents.
Then, fitness will be incorporated throughout these technical exercises with the ball, without having to dreadfully run sprints or suicides. 

Private training: $20 per person*


Two vs Two: $15 per person* 

Small groups training (up to 5 people): We have a wonderful friendly package, in this group you’ll pay $10 per person* 

*: all trainings for at least 1 hour long. 

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